August 17, 2022

Putin’s family in bunkers?

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MOSCOW: President Vladimir Putin fears that the war with Ukraine could escalate into a nuclear war, says Russian political science professor Valery Solev. That is why Putin says he secretly sent his family members to an underground city in Siberia. The city, located in the Altai Mountains, has nuclear bunkers. He accused Putin of suffering from mental and physical ailments.

Valerie has also made several allegations against Putin in the past. He was repeatedly questioned by the police for these. He searched the house and seized several electronic devices. The case against Valerie is still ongoing. Valerie has been a professor at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations. He has repeatedly criticized Putin for hiding his illness from the public. Putin also performed acrobatics with Defense Minister Sergei Shogu. However, Valerie’s expectations and opinions are dismissed by many as fabrications.

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